7 Lok Sabha MPs Suspended amidst demand for justice for people affected by the Delhi Riots

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha proceedings were suspended on Thursday as the opposition protested against the Delhi riots. Slogans were raised in the Lok Sabha demanding justice against the violence that took place. Slogans like “Modi Sarkar Shame Shame” and “Pradhan Mantri Jawab do” were raised in response to the silence on part of the BJP government. Amidst the chaos in the Parliament the Direct tax Vivaad se Vishwaas Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha. The Opposition demanded that the Delhi riots be discussed in the Lok Sabha and the Lok Sabha Speaker Promised that their wouldbe discussions about this post 11th of March. This delay in discussions could affect relief measures on ground and delay the serving of justice from the Government’s end but the Central government continues to silence the issue.

7 congress MPs were suspended- Gaurav Gogoi, TN Prathapan, Dean Kuriakose, R Unnithan, Manickam Tagore, Benny Behnan, and Gujreet Singh Aujla were suspended from the Lok Sabha for the rest of the budget session on charges for gross misconduct  Congress MPs were condemned for their behavior in the LS, Parliamentary Minister Prahalad Joshi  said “We have requested the Speaker to set up a panel to look into the continuous indiscipline by the Congress. Snatching paper’s from the Speakers table is utmost disrespect to the chair and we condemn this.” Gaurav Gogoi commented on his suspension saying “Suspend us for a year but discuss the Delhi riots and heal the wounds of the people.” Congress leaders commenting on the issue said that this decision was a dictatorial decision by the government to weaken the voice of the opponent on the case of the Delhi riots. They said this move was motivated by revenge politics.

The issue of the Delhi riots is said to be discussed later in the month so that “Holi can be celebrated peacefully.” The government is clearly avoiding accountability that they owe to the people by coming up with weak excuses.


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