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2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections: What BJP Lost, Gained and Retained?

In the recently concluded Karnataka Vidhan Sabha elections, the Congress performed well in terms of both the seats and vote share across...

MP:Fresh Attack on Adivasis Asserting their rights and opposing Atrocities against them

In the most recent attack on Adivasis demanding their legal and constitutional rights in Madhya Pradesh Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan activist Madhuri has been...

Karnataka Assembly Speaker U.T Khader’s love for a die-hard Hindutva Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar

The 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections was a mile-stone in the fight for saving Indian democracy from the Hindutva onslaught. Congress defeated RSS-BJP convincingly. Though...

The Cost of ignoring refugees, the Messenia boat disaster

On 14 June 2023, a fishing boat, called the Andrianna, carrying over 750 refugees sank in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Pylos,...